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Dance with the stars is an American TV show, hosted by Tom Bergeron, twice Emmy award winner and Eris Andrews. They dance to the numbers that are selected and carefully choreographed by experts and judged by a panel of Experts, renowned for ballroom performances.

This series is produced by BBC Worldwide productions. This is a key business under the banner BBC in North America, which is the whole and main arm of commercial entertainment to the US. There are many other such series of shows hosted by BBC, which is on different concepts ruling the entertainment industry.

Do you fantasy to be one among them? Do you want to be a dancing star one day? Then you have come to the right page and place. be it the basic dance steps, or learning to dance in jazz, ballet, hip-hop or anything, let the journey begin from the right place and we give a strong foundation to your dancing career.

Many of them fail in their dancing career, not because they don’t have talent; but because the talent isn’t brought out in the correct form. Every person has hidden talent, one must have the potential to find it out and bring the best. Dance is an art, an expression form to be spread out and a workout session to rejoice. We offer lessons in all forms of dance-jazz, hip hop and ballet too. not just that, we offer classes for ballroom dance, contemporary dance moves, break dancing, tap and lyrical and few more. Our services are across the state and those who stay far away, we have online classes to make your dreams fly.

All that we need is a passion for the moves and dedication. With this, we will surely take you to the skies. Come on, join us and give wings to your dreams, let's fly together.

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